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One Question Series 1 - Chalkboard TV/Ch 4

Pointless Series 27 & Celebs Series 14 & 15 - Endemol/BBC1

Gamesmaster - Alaska TV /Ch 4

Exponent AGM - The Why

Net Zero Festival - Incisive Media

1 & 6 Zero’s (Series 1) - Mighty Productions/Ch 4

Braking Point (Pilot) - BBC Germany

The Wall Series 4 (Remote setup) - EndemolShine/BBC1 

A League Of Their Own Series 16 - CPL/ SKY1 

1% Club Series 1 - Magnum TV/ITV1

Something About The Movies Series 4 - CPL/SKY1 

Tipping Point Series 12 - RDF/ITV1

The Void Series 1 - Gameface/ITV1

Stacking It Pilot - Gameface/ITV Studios 

Bank Balance - StudioRamsay/BBC1

Pointless Series 25 - EndemolShine/BBC1

The £100,000 Question (Pilot) - Chalkboard/ Ch 4

Do You Want To Change Your Mind (Pilot) - Bandicout/Ch 4

For Love & Money (Pilot) - Magnum/Ch 4

Alone In A Room With £100,000 (Pilot) -  EndelmolShine/ITV1

Tipping Point Lucky Stars - RDF/ITV1 

Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family - GameFace TV/ITV1

!mpossible Series 8 - Mighty Productions/ BBC1 

The Wall Series 2 & 3 - EndemolShine/BBC1 

Tipping Point Series 11 - RDF/ITV1 

A League Of Their Own Series 15 - CPL/ SKY1 

Something About The Movies Series 3 - CPL/SKY1 

The Void Pilot - GameFace TV/ITV1

1% Quiz Pilot  - Magnum/ITV1

Pointless Series 24 - EndemolShine/BBC1 

Paranoia Pilot -Mighty Productions

Sing On! (US, Sapin & Germany) - Hello Dolly/Netflix

PriceTag Pilot - Fizz

MTV The Challenge Re Union - MTV New York 

Jack Whitehall Christmas With My Father - Tiger Aspect/Netflix

Something About The Movies Series 2 - CPL/SKY1 

The Wall Series 1 - EndemolShine/BBC1

Pointless Series 23 - EndemolShine/BBC1

Tipping Point Lucky Stars - RDF/ITV1

Quizmaster - SpunGold/ITV1

A League Of Their Own Series 14 - CPL/ SKY1 

Pointless Series 22 - Endemol Shine/BBC1

Something About The Movies Series 1 - CPL/SKY1

MTV The Challenge Re Union - MTV New York

Tipping Point Series 10 - RDF/ITV1

Sound Of Money (Pilot) - Hello Dolly/Netflix

Something About The Movies (Pilot) - CPL/SKY1

The Wall (Pilot) - Endemol Shine/BBC1

!mpossible Series 6,7 & Celebrities Mighty Productions/ BBC1

Live…Stand Up To Cancer - Fullwell 73/Ch 4

Beat The System (Pilot) - Expectation Media/Ch 4

Wonder Ball - Mighty Productions/BBC Scotland

The £100K Drop - Endemol Shine/ Ch 4

Money Tree Pilot  - Hello Dolly/BBC1

!mpossible Series 5 Mighty Productions/ BBC1

A League Of Their Own Series 13 CPL/ SKY1 

!mpossible Series 4 Mighty Productions/ BBC1

Curious Creatures Series 2 Mighty Productions/BBC2

The Plank (Pilot) Mighty Productions

Pointless BBC1/Endemol Shine

Tipping Point Series 9 RDF/ITV1

Carnage Primal Media/SKY1

Pointless BBC1/Endemol Shine

Right Royal Quiz Shiver TV/ITV1

The Wave Primal Media/UKTV

!mpossible Series 3 Mighty Productions/ BBC1

Rage Room Mighty Productions/Ch 4

A League Of Their Own Series 12 CPL/ SKY1 

Tipping Point Series 8 RDF/ITV1

Come Fly with 3 Alpha Century

Big Heads Primal Media/ITV1

The Nightly Show 2nd Act/ITV1

The Code Series 2 Primal Media/BBC1

Noel’s SOS Live Crook Productions/Ch4

The Nightly Show Pilots 2nd Act/ ITV1

Stand Up To Cancer Princess/Ch4

Deal Or No Deal on Tour Endemol/Ch 4

!mpossible Series 1 Mighty Productions/ BBC1

Pointless BBC1/Endemol Shine

Decimate Series 3 CPL/BBC 1

Noels’s SOS Pilot Crook Productions/ Ch 4

A League Of Their Own Series 11 CPL/ SKY1 

The Next Great Magician ITV1/ Crook Productions

For What It’s Worth Series 2 BBC1/ Tuesdays Child 

Tipping Point Series 7 RDF/ITV1

Alphabetical ITV1/Gameface

Pointless BBC1/Endemol Shine

!mpossible Pilot Mighty Productions/BBC1

The Code BBC1/ Gogglebox

Scrabble Pilot Chocolate Media/ITV 1

For What It’s Worth Series 1 Tuesdays Child /BBC1

Ring of Fire Pilot  CPL/BBC1

5 Gold Rings Pilot Possessed

Bring The Noise  Show 0 SKY1

The Edge Series 2 BBC 1/BBC Entertainment

Decimate Series 2 CPL/BBC1

Tipping Point Series 6 RDF/ITV1

Freeze Out Series 1 Talkback/ITV1

A League Of Their Own Series 10 CPL/ SKY1

Judge Rinder ITV Studios/ITV1

Pointless Endemol/BBC1

Naked At First Sight Pilot - Studio Lambert

Pick Me Pilot Possessed/ITV1

Benchmark Victory/Ch4

Beat The Brain Objective/BBC2

Celebrity Squares Series 2 September Films/ITV1

Win Your Wish List Victory/ TF1 France

Money Pit Pilot RDF/Ch 4

A League of Their Own Series 9 CPL/SKY1

Pointless Celebs Endemol/ BBC1

Smart Ask Pilot Rain Media/Ch4

Benchmark  Pilot Victory/Ch 4

Stand Up To Cancer Live Whizzkid/Ch 4

The Millionaires Machine Pilot Tellycopter

Friday Download  Series 8  Saltbeef/ CBBC

Tipping Point  Series 5 RDF/ITV1

Raise The Bar  Pilot HatTrick/ BBC1

The Cube  Series 9 Objective/ ITV1 

Million Pound Drop Endemol/Ch 4

The Edge Show 0 & Series 1 BBC1/BBC Entertainment

Fourheads Pilot  ITV1/SharpJack Media

Tipping Point Lucky Stars Series 2 ITV1/RDF

Celebrity Squares September Films/ ITV1

Enigma Pilot RDF/BBC4

Friday Download Saltbeef/CBBC

The 21st Question Chocolate Media/ITV1

All Start Mr & Mrs Series 6 CPL/ITV1

15 to 1 Remedy/Ch 4

A League Of Their Own Series 8 -  CPL/SKY1

Tipping Point Series 5 -  RDF/ITV1

Superstar Dogs -  Tuesday's Child/Ch4

The Cube Series 8 -  Objective/ITV1

Live Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Celeb Christmas Specials Victory/ITV1

The Voice Series 3 Knockouts-  Wall To Wall/BBC1

Tipping Point Series 4 RDF/ITV1

The Voice Series 3 Battles Wall To Wall/BBC1

Celebrity Squares Pilot September Films/ITV1

The Voice Series 3 Blind Auditions Wall to Wall/ BBC1

Timeline Series 1 Whizz Kid/Challenge

The Voice Series 3 Blind Auditions Wall to Wall/ BBC1

Staying In with Greg & Russell Series 1 Talkback/BBC3

Family Dream (Pilots x2) CCTV China/ Zespa Media

The Voice Series 2 Live shows Wall To Wall/BBC1

Take One For The Team (Pilot) CPL/ ITV1

Take Off (Pilot) Talkback/ Ch 4

Live Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Victory/ ITV1

All Star Mr & Mrs CPL/ITV1

Tipping Point Series 3 RDF/ITV1

Reflex Series 1 Objective/ BBC1

Who’s Asking (Pilot) Victory/ ITV1

A League Of Their Own Series 7 CPL/SKY1

The Cube Series 7 Objective/ITV1

Got To Dance Live Semi Finals & Final Princess/ SKY1

The Voice Series 2 Battles & Knockouts Wall To Wall/ BBC1

Live Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Victory/ITV1

The Voice Series 2 Blind Auditions Wall to Wall/BBC1

Britain’s Brightest RDF/BBC1

Tipping Point RDF/ITV1

Deal or No Deal Endemol/Ch 4

Stand Up To Cancer Live Whizz Kid/CH 4

Hotel GB Friday Live show Optomen/CH 4

A League of Their Own (Series 6) CPL/SKY 1

Love Machine Series 2 Princess/SKY Living

Reflex Pilot Objective/BBC 1

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Victory/ITV1

Live Punter Series & Pre Rec Schools Out Special 

Tipping Point Pilot Series RDF/ITV1

The Chase Celebrity Specials & daily Shows ITV Studios/ITV1

LIVE Celebrity Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Mothers Day Special  

Victory Television/ITV 1

LIVE The Magicians Rx 1 &2 BBC1/Shine

LIVE Celebrity Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Christmas & New Year PRX Special  

Victory Television/ITV 1

The Chase ITV Studios/ITV1

The Exit List Victory Television/Gogglebox ITV1

Just A Minute BBC Comedy Entertainment/BBC 2

Love Machine Pilot & Series SKY Living/Princess Productions

LIVE Celebrity Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Rememberance Day Special - Victory Television ITV 1

Keith Lemon “Lemonaid” Pilot Talkback Thames/ITV1

The Chase Celeb Specials ITV Studios/ ITV1

LIVE Deal or No Deal Endemol Ch4

Reflex Pilot Objective Productions

Golden Case Pilot ITV Studios

LIVE Celebrity Soap Stars weekend Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

ITV1/Victory Television

Worth A Fortune Pilot Studio Lambert/ITV1

Epic Win BBC Ent/BBC1

Live Celebrity Who Wants To Be a Millionaire 

Victory Television/ ITV1

Keith Lemon's Bang Tidy Show Pilot Talkback Thames  ITV1

The Cube UK Series 4 & Italian Series 1 TV1/Objective/Italia Uno


September Films/117 Productions ITV1 

The Exit List  Pilot Victory/Gogglebox ITV1

The Chase Series 3 ITV Studios/ ITV1

The Cube German Series 1Objective/RTL Germany

LIVE Who Wants To be A Millionaire 2 Way Traffic/ITV1...TX 02/04/11

Series Director & Steve Smith Director

LIVE Ant & Dec's Push the Button Gallowgate/ITV1 Feb/March & April 20111

Hold Onto Your Seat (Pilot) ITV Studios

Penn & Teller Fool Us September Films/117 Productions ITV1..TX 07/01/11

The Cube Series 3 & Saudi Series 2 Objective/ITV1 

LIVE Who Wants To be A Millionaire 2 Way Traffic/ITV1...TX 23/12/10

The Chase Series 3 ITV Studios/ ITV1

Deal or No Deal Series 7 CH 4/Endemol 

The Cube Series 2 Objective/ITV1 from Sept 19

The Chase Series 2 ITV1 (from May 24)

Treasure Tag Pilot Whizz Kid Entertainment

Krypton Factor 2010” ITV Studios

Deal or No Deal” Series 6 CH 4/Endemol 

Britain's Best Brain Tiger Aspect/5

Prediction & You vs You(Pilots) ITV Factual

Guesstimation  BBC1|Endemol

The Chase Series 1 ITV1/ITV Studios 

Deal or No Deal Series 5 CH 4/Endemol 

1 vs 100 Series 4 BBC 1/Endemol

1 vs 100 Italian Pilot, Media Set, Itlay

Guestimation (Pilot) BBC 1/Endemol

Beat The Star Series 2 ITV1/Gallowgate

The Krypton Factor ITV 1 Productions

Spin Star Series 1 ITV 1/Endemol 

Game Changer (Pilot) Fever Media/CH4

Take Me Out (Pilot) Freemantle/Ch 4

Divided (Pilot)Endemol/Ch4

Spin Star (Pilot) ITV /Endemol

Duel  ITV1/Gallowgate

1 vs 100 Series 3 Endemol UK

1st & Last Pilot CH 4/Endemol

1 vs 100 Series 2 BBC 1/Endemol 

1 vs 100” Series 1 BBC 1/Endemol 

Quiz Night Live Endemol West/ FTN

Deal or No Deal”  Series 1 - 3 Ch 4/Endemol 

Live Comic Relief, 2005 Network 7 Australia

Deal or No Deal Poland - Senior Director, Endemol International/Polsat

Senior Director & Field Producer (London)

Reel Race Series 2  Discovery Channel

Reality series,8 doco makers 48hrs  - 1 winner!

Director (Australia) – an example of my work:

Series Producer Australian Fishing Championships

6 x 30 min. 10 Australia

Live Gallery Producer Good Friday Appeal – Live Night Show

Seven Network Melbourne

Deal or No Deal Endemol/Seven Network

Series Director 2003 – 2005

The Weakest Link -  Seven Network/BBC

The Australian of the Year Awards - Seven Network

Live Awards Ceremony & performances

Worlds Craziest Videos - Seven Network

PSC Producer/Director Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Seven Network Australia

Fashion Rocks - Seven Network 

Australia’s Brainiest Kid -  Seven Network/Celador

Theatre: 15 years experience of Producing & Directing Theatre in Australia

Music: 40 years experience of playing the Drums in bands & musicals

CV: Text
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